Reflections in Watercolour and Oil Exhibition Dinner

Celebrate with friends and be part of SALA – the South Australian Living Artists Festival,
over fine food and wine as you take in the watercolours and oils in Steve Shearer’s first SALA Exhibition.

Tuesday 18 August 2015 6.30pm at Paesano – 81 O’Connell St, North Adelaide

Click here for more details

Dia De Los Muertos Fiesta

7th November 2015

Contact us for further details and information.
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By now you’re probably saying to yourself, I’m so glad that I know this thing I didn’t even know I wanted to know earlier. And very likely you are not even reading the remainder of this article, because for the statistics junkie, the numbers are all we need, but on the off chance you are still reading, I offer a question: Why did you need to know this thing?

I offer the following hypothesis to the query: for most of us sports fans our love of sports eventually breeds an obsession for statistics. When we see a stat, it is not uncommon Elite Youth Brandon Graham jersey that we wonder, Well that’s a solid season, but who’s the best, who’s the worst, etc. Over our lifetimes we develop the Youth Brandon Graham jersey ability to read the statistics like another might read a book. For example: We see a running back’s career stats. We see that he played 8 seasons and averaged 5 yards Authenitc Black Chuck Bednarik jersey a carry. He has a relatively low number of carries for his era. For the untrained eye this doesn’t mean much. For the statscentric sports fanatic it is like forensics to a detective.

We scratch our chin and think to ourselves: This running back was probably fast and/or quick. This explains the high average per carry. He was probably small and/or slight. He may have had durability/injury problems or perhaps he was called upon to perform a number of other duties, such as punt and kick returner. This explains the low number of carries. And more likely than not this sports profiler would be correct. Unlike balancing our checkbooks, examining these sorts of numbers is fun, even relaxing. It keeps our minds active.

So what do the receiver stats in the table say to us? Answer: many things. Authenitc Youth Brandon Graham jersey Let’s start with the overall NFL trends that we can see reflected by the information. First, you’ll probable notice how seldom a 50 catch or fewer 1,000 yards receiving season occurs is in the modern era. One player, DeSean Jackson, has accomplished the feat in the ongoing 2010 2019 decade, no player did so in the 2000 2009 decade, and only one player, Michael Haynes, broke the barrier in the 90’s.

But as we move farther back, 20+ yards a catch becomes a fairly regular phenomenon, happening 4 times in the 80’s, a whopping 8 times in the Authenitc Youth Chuck Bednarik jersey 90’s, and peaking out at an astounding 9 times in the 60’s. Then we see such Authenitc Womens Chuck Bednarik jersey numbers decrease in the 50’s and 40’s.

So how do these statistics reflect on the overall climate of the NFL? Well, in the 40’s and 50’s the NFL was still a grind it out kind of a league. This was Womens Brandon Graham jersey Elite Youth Darren Sproles jersey somewhat necessitated by the rules, with penalties like pass interference rarely being called. The main mentality was that when the ball went up in the air, something bad, like an interception, was very likely, so why not just keep the ball on the ground Elite Mens Brandon Graham jersey and control the clock. But perhaps the biggest factor keeping players during the 40’s and 50’s from going over the 1,000 yard mark on 50 or fewer catches was simply the number of regular season games played: 12.

In the 60’s we had the addition of 2 games, bringing us to 14, and then in 1978 we had the addition of 2 more games, bringing us to our modern total of 16. Compounded with other factors, this gave us a perfect storm for the 20+ yards a catch receiver.

While teams predominantly still didn’t pass a lot, especially by today’s standards, the passing game was burgeoning as a viable way to move the ball down the field. For instance, we may run the ball 70+% of the time, but on the occasion we choose to run a play action pass, we very likely would find a wide open receiver sprinting down the field. This explains why both the average per catch is so high in this era and the TD per reception ratio.

In the 80’s the number of 1000 yard receivers with 50 or fewer catches dropped, in part, because we now had 16 games, and as a result, players that were making 40 50 catches a season before were making 55 65 catches. But the larger factor was probable that teams really began passing the ball as a primary form of offense, perhaps because pass defending rules were gradually becoming so pro offense.

As a result of passing often, averages per reception go down. If you throw the ball 30 40 times a game, you can’t run many homerun routes and expect to have success. Instead, you run a number of short outs, screens, and short crossing patterns. Average yards per reception goes down and receptions go up. In addition, player rosters became Kids Darren Sproles jersey very limited in comparison to NFL squads of Elite Womens Byron Maxwell jersey old. The players on the roster today are on the field more often, making more catches. As a result, it makes it very unlikely that any player would go over 1,000 yards on 50 catches or fewer.

Does this mean the 20+ yard a reception player will go the way of the dodo? Well, no. There will always be DeSean Jacksons to buck the odds, and like in all things, everything that is old eventually becomes new again, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a new era of low reception, high yardage receivers.

We’ve discussed what sort of environment makes the highflying receiver possible, but we haven’t yet explored what sort of receiver is able to get 1,000 yards on relatively few receptions. Circumstances would dictate that such a player would be fast, which the research I’ve done indicates.

Also, height is beneficial. A receiver who is tall and streaking down the field gives the quarterback a larger margin of error. Again, the data plays out with few anomalies. Most the receivers are 6 feet or taller, with none under 5′ 10”. Elite Womens Darren Sproles jersey In reference to the heights of the player’s and their perspective era, DeSean Jackson, at 5’10”, is probably the biggest anomaly.

These players tend to be light by NFL standards. Many are Elite Brad Smith jersey less than 180 lbs. This is probably due to two factors: light players can often run faster and heavier players would likely be more physical and perhaps serve their teams better as possession receivers rather than homerun threats. The obvious exception to the rule on this list is Cloyce Box. At 220 lbs and playing in the 1950s, he was heavier than a good number of the players in the league.

Most of the players on this list achieved 50 or fewer catches for over 1,000 yards early in their careers, and if they were among the few able to repeat the feat, did so in seasons of close succession. This is probably due to the fleeting nature of physical speed. One who is elite in speed usually has a short window. In addition, the receivers who didn’t transform into possession receivers later in their careers tended to fizzle out and leave the league. The most glaring exceptions to this tendency are Wesley Walker, who had two seasons with fewer than 50 receptions and over 1,000 yards that occurred 8 seasons apart and Youth Byron Maxwell jersey Harold Jackson, who didn’t accomplish the feat until his 12th season in the league.

In soul first of our highflyer list Authenitc Chuck Bednarik jersey is Elbert Dubenion, who in 1964 finished the season with only 42 catches for over 1100 yards for the then AFL Buffalo Bills. Averaging 27.1 yards per catch, he would have needed only 37 receptions to break the 1000 yard threshold. At 5’11” and 187 lbs, Dubenion is a bit shorter and stockier than many on our list.

Often called “Duby” or “Golden Wheels” by fans and teammates, Dubenion had several good seasons in his 9 years with the Bills. For the era he amassed stellar career totals: 294 catches for 5294 yards at 18 yards a catch for 35 touchdowns, but his 1964 season, (Dubenion’s 5th in the league) with 42 receptions for 1,139, was by far his most outstanding. His career high 10 touchdown catches that year gave him an amazing 1 touchdown to 4.2 receptions ratio

With exception of the 1964 season, Dubenion never averaged over 20 yards a catch again. After the 1964 campaign, he became more of a possession receiver, averaging between 14 15 yards a catch.

Homer Jones: There are four players to have accomplished the feat of fewer than 50 catches for 1,000+ yards in a season on multiple occasions, only one of whom did so 3 times: Homer Jones. It is no wonder, then, that Jones ranks 1st in yards per catch among all receivers who have caught more than 200 balls in their career.

Jones spent 6 of his 7 years in the league with the New York Giants. His totals of 224 catches for 4,986 yards at 22.3 yards a catch and 36 touchdowns tells the story of a Hall of Fame caliber receiver whose career was cut short by injury. At 6’2″ and 215 lbs, Jones was a large, athletic target who weighed in better than many of the athletes of his time. His three seasons of less than 50 catches for 1,000 yards occurred back to back to back in his 3rd, 4th, and 5th seasons (1966: 48 REC, 1044 YDS, 21.8 YPC, 8TDs; 1967: 49 REC, 1209 YDS, 24.7 YPC, 13 TDs; 1968: 45 REC, 1057 YDS, 23.5 YPC, 7 TDs).

Jones’ best season by far came in 1967 when he went over the 1200 yard mark and averaged a touchdown for every 3.8 catches.

Harlon Hill: At 6’3″ and 199 lbs, Hill was a dominant receiver in the early 50’s. Hill spent the majority of his career with the Chicago Bears, and he made an impression early, winning rookie of the year in 1954. Sadly, despite the promise of Hill’s first 3 seasons, he would spend most of his career injured, severely hindering his effectiveness.

Despite only playing 12 game seasons in a predominantly grind it out league, Hill was able to achieve 1,000 yards on fewer than 50 catches twice in his rookie and third year campaigns (1954: 45 REC, 1124 YDS, 25.0 YPC, 12 TDs; 1956: 47 REC, 1128 YDS, 24.0 YPC, 11 TDs).

Stanley Morgan: Morgan was a dominant receiver for many years, most with the New England Patriots, and arguably Elite Womens Chuck Bednarik jersey should be in the Hall of Fame, especially considering he played in an era (late Youth Brandon Graham jersey 70’s Authenitc Youth Darren Sproles jersey to 1990) in which 10,000 yards in a career meant more. At 5’11” and 181 lbs, Morgan was light and fast, and though he averaged well over 20 yards a catch early in his career, in his 14 years in the league he would evolve into more of a possession receiver later on.

Morgan’s best season in the NFL came in 1986 when he had 84 catches for 1491 yards, a 17.8 yard per catch average, and 10 touchdowns, but in reference to our topic, he would have less than 50 catches for over 1,000 yards twice (1979: 44 REC, 1002 YDS, 22.8 YPC, 12 TDs; 1981: 44 REC, 1029 YDS, 6 TDs). He would just miss out on accomplishing the feat a third time in 1980 with 45 catches for 991 yards. In addition, Morgan’s 1 TD per 3.7 receptions in 1979 is certainly of note. In all, Morgan finished his career with 552 catches for 10,716 yards and 19.2 yards per catch with 72 touchdowns.

Wesley Walker: Walker spent his entire 13 year career with the New York Jets from 1977 1989. At 6’0″ and 179 lbs, Walker was lithe and remarkably fast and his statistics bear a result that is certainly unusual. Whereas most everyone on our list accomplished the feat of 50 or fewer catches for over 1000 yards early in their career, Walker accomplished the feat in his 2nd season in the NFL and then again 8 years later(1978: 48 REC, 1169 YDS, 24.4 YPC, 8 TDs; 1986: 49 REC, 1016 YDS, 20.7 YPC, 12 TDs).

Walker’s stats tell the story of a player who was capable of being what his team needed. At times he was more Kids Chuck Bednarik jersey of a possession receiver and at others he was more of a homerun threat. He managed to Elite Youth Brandon Graham jersey compile a significant career over his 13 seasons with 438 receptions for 8306 yards, a 19.0 yard a catch average and 71 touchdowns, despite being legally blind in one eye.

Stanley Morgan and Harold Jackson are the only two players to accomplish the feat of 1000+ yards on fewer than 50 catches in the same year (1979) on the same team (Stanley Morgan: 44 REC, 1002 YDS, 22.8 YPC, 12 TDs; Harold Jackson: 45 REC, 1013 YDS, 22.5 YPC, 7 TDS). Both players careers encompassed roughly the same era, 70 80’s, and both players ended their careers with over 10,000 yards. Neither is in the Hall of Fame.

Bill Gorman of the Houston Oilers averaged 1 touchdown per 2.9 catches in 1961 (50 REC, 1175 YDS, 23.5 YPC, 17 TDs)

Unless you live under a rock, live outside the United States or are a non sports person, Womens Donnie Jones jersey you know the National Football League held their draft of players last week. If you don’t know, this annual event allows Elite Blue Brandon Graham jersey teams to pick players based on a prescribed order that they have the right to hire for their team. (And the Elite Kids Byron Maxwell jersey whole thing is televised, with great cable ratings in prime time).While the rules and context for hiring these players is different than what we face in organizations, the ultimate goal is the same. win more games)? I think the lessons that follow are worth your consideration, regardless of how much or how little you care about the NFL.They invest in selection heavily. NFL teams have Authenitc Mens Brad Smith jersey Elite Kids Byron Maxwell jersey scouts who Elite Kids Brandon Graham jerseyKids Brandon Graham jersey the entire college season watching college players (their future hires) perform. They attend the annual talent combine, where players are invited to show their skills, get medical Elite Kids Darren Sproles jersey and psychological examinations, and interview with teams. They attend individual workouts and invite players for onsite interviews. Stated another Authenitc Blue Darren Sproles jersey Elite Kids Darren Sproles jersey way, the recruiting process never stops.Do you have a process for recruiting? Are you investing in Elite Kids Darren Sproles jersey that process, and always looking for the potential team members? Or are you just placing an ad or posting a job when your team is already over worked?They select broadly. Early in the draft you see teams pickingdraftees based on need. They need a new Quarterback, so they pick one. They need a Linebacker, so that is Elite Womens Byron Maxwell jersey where Mens Darren Sproles jersey they look. But later in the draft, especially with the better teams and more stable organizations, they will pick “the best player available” meaning that it isn’t just about immediate need, but about a player that could help, regardless of their position.How broadly do you select players for your team? Would you ever consider adding Elite Womens Chuck Bednarik jersey a potential star Authenitc Kids Chuck Bednarik jersey performer, even if you didn’t have an immediate spot for them?They welcome new team members intentionally. Kids Darren Sproles jersey After the draft players are invited to the team headquarters, and beyond the press conferences, they work hard to Womens Chuck Bednarik jersey make the players feel at home, meet new teammates and much more.If this sounds Authenitc Kids Brad Smith jersey like parts of a good onboarding process, it likely is. And yet, I think they do better than most in this regard. The best onboarding process engages the new employee, but also includes much engagement of the management and leadership of the organization. How successfully do you welcome new team members and acclimate them to your organization?They prepare people for success. New players get coaching (lots of it). They get training. They get processes and tools and playbooks. The goals are made clear and the players understand those goals. Teams recognize how much they have invested Elite Chuck Bednarik jersey in getting the right people (not even counting the salaries!), and so they continue to invest, from the first day of signing right through training camp with high expectations for people’s success.Like NFL teams, hopefully you are excited by whom you have hired. But does that excitement spill over to giving them the tools and support to be successful? What else could you do to help the people you have hired become the contributors you hoped for when they accepted the job?And least this whole list sounds like a big hugging party . . . remember the NFL is a tough, bottom line business. And as we have already proven, may have more in common with you than you think. So don’t forget this Authenitc Black Chuck Bednarik jersey fifth lesson from those 32 teams.They don’t hold on too long. Players drafted this weekend and the free agents added in the days ahead will all get the chance to perform in practice and in the pre season games. They get the chance to work hard, show their skills and their value. But with a 53 man roster, not everyone can stay. And if at any point, a player isn’t contributing, someone else can replace them.I’m suggesting or advocating for a ruthless management approach to talent I believe people should be given clear expectations and metrics to show their performance. And if after some time that isn’t happening, it is time to move on. All too often I see organizations holding on to poor (or under) performers too long. Give people clear expectations, good coaching and a way to measure progress . . . and be ready to move on if needed.These five lessons are worth your consideration as you look to further build your team in the future. I encourage you to think about these lessons and share them with other leaders you work with to further this discussion inside your organization.